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Legal Services NYC
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Fizza G

6 months ago

To the individual who answered the phone at around 11:50AM in an unprofessional manner: I was simply trying to ask a question, but your rude behavior and lack of professionalism were evident. Your actions reflect poorly on the reputation of the company you work for. It is important to consider that you have no idea what the other person might be going through, especially when you yell and refuse to let them speak or ask a question.


Casie H

2 years ago

PLEASE READ! STOP! Find a different law firm for your needs! Hopefully this will save someone from the horrible experience that I m still currently enduring. The employees represent the law firm so please find another place for your services. I hired Mr Eric Gansberg to assist me with preparing one document, he charged $1500 for a Retirement pay order, that I m learning that he does not have any experience in, but he and assured me that he could get it done. Now, it has been over 4 months and still nothing. We had a court date in December 2021, this court date was for the judge to review the DRO, Mr. Gansberg showed up empty handed. The judge was furious that he wasted her time. After that court date he told me that the DRO has been submitted to the court, and that is waiting for the judges signature. I called Richmond county clerks office and they have no record of him submitting any documents at all. Meanwhile I m calling and he is ignoring my calls and my pay continues yo be garnished. Overall I paid $1500 for him to lie, and now give me the run around.


ClaudiaA Rozonvegahurtado

4 months ago


FUCK YOU (Yourdaddy22)

9 years ago


Alissa Thegreatest

3 years ago


Chris Flores

3 months ago


Boris Kaminsky

6 years ago


Marisol Roldos

4 years ago



2 years ago


Kittens Adoption

5 years ago

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